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25 Years of Rehabilitation Engineering Experience

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Facilities and Staff

JAI's Training and Demonstration Centers

* Available for demonstrations of assistive technology and computer application instruction
* Equipped with screen reading, screen magnification, and Braille computer assistive technology systems, along with CCTV and other low vision aids
* Technology stored at the center may be rented for circumstances which require the speedy installation of equipment.

All visits to any of the training centers must be made by first calling JAI for making an appointment.

Ninety-nine East Building
99 E. 106th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Blu City Spaces
210 N. 17th Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Mobile Services Serving Springfield and the Region
Contact JAI at 417-863-6363 or 800-260-2800
(Select Option 2 for Springfield Training Department)

Technical and Training Staff

* A certified technicians
* Provide complete computer installation and repair, network setup, main frame terminal installation, and software trouble shooting
* Available for the pickup of equipment from the rehabilitation office.
* Offer experience in the use of Braille, screen reading, and screen magnification assistive technology as well as PC applications.
* Skilled personnel enables JAI to provide quality, targeted, and timely services
* Available for work site or JAI Technology Center based training

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